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tv   Sunday Night With Megyn Kelly  NBC  July 23, 2017 7:00pm-8:01pm EDT

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you say, okay, now time to push that button. time to make more happen. if it doesn't work out, it is easy to point fingers at you. but that's what winners do. winners step up at big moments. and by the way, winners can't be afraid to fail. winners have to be willing to take that risk in order to seize a race. >> you use the word "winners" twice there. one driver who is not a winner in 2017 is kyle busch. looking to make it three in a row here at brickyard 400, that's not going to happen. he has been checked and released from infield care center. kyle busch has two winless tracks. one is charlotte. other track is the one we go to next week. pocono. kyle busch never won at pocono. but now on his longest winless streak of his career. >> again, a reminder, for those of you tuning in now to nbc, after the race, sunday night
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with mellin kelly. and standing by with kyle busch is marty. >> well, certainly not the way kyle busch wanted to end up his brickyard 400. you just said on the radio and had to deal with 78 all day long, time to race for it. any other choice there with 48 to go? >> i mean, i guess you could have continued to play the teammate game and try to settle in on green flag bit stop. but if he was that much faster than me and yard me with three seconds in a run with clean air then i would wouldn't have the opportunity to pass him back even with a stellar pit stop. so that's the way it goes. chalk it up as another one we figure out how to lose these things by and very, very frustrating. i need it for my guys. they built such fast camries. skittles camry was one again today. had it in the books for three in a row, but didn't happen. >> martin got loose under you or what happened?
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>> i would guess. ways on his outside and got hit, blindside and into the fence. i imagine what that's what it was. >> you have to start wondering and you just mentioned a moment ago what team has to do to win races in 2017. clearly you had the best car today. >> yes. >> all right. kyle, with good perspective. there's the wreck. very disappointed. he certainly did have the fastest car today and was the car to beat this afternoon. out of it early, rick, surprisingly. >> kyle busch has always been one who's had to maybe check his emotions when he talks about a race, gets wrecked out or if something happens in a race. and you could hear the frustration, obviously. he knew he had the best car in this field but he mentioned the comment that would the race come down to green flag pit stop. that could have been what happened. >> you cannot give up track position. you cannot give it up. i'm never going to be mad at two
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drivers racing for a win. that's just hard racing, plain and simple. >> martin truex jr into the wall in flames. ♪ (upbeat drum music) ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ toyota. let's go places. ♪ makes all the difference! [ tower pings ]
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nascar on nbc is brought to you by monster energy. unleash the beast. toyota. let's go places. and by golden corral. your choice rules. you're watching monster energy cup series racing from indianapolis. let's go to marty. >> martin truex jr, out of the infield and i want your perspective on what happened on that restart and the wreck. >> i just got loose and wrecked him. totally my fault. didn't really know what to expect in that position. didn't really realize he was going to drive in that deep and suck me around. so i got take the blame for that one, obviously. it was my fault. hate it for kyle. he ahad a great car. he did as well. but i got out of the fire. today run into the wall to stop and fortunately i'm okay and we will live to race another day.
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>> kyle said at that point and you agree too, 49 to go. any other choice than to race each other. you had been playing nice on restarts all day long. >> yeah, we worked well together. that's the hard part about this stuff is when it's time to go and you know, i feel awful. i just made a mistake. definitely should have picked the outside. and you know, all would have been fine, i guess. you know, that's just wait it goes. hate it for everybody involved. we had an awesome car today. and we got out front. i don't think they would have beat us. mistake on my part took us out of it. but we'll get them next week. >> rick? >> i have unfortunate. mart gin truin truex jr owning . caught the 18 and they both went into the wall. >> it's been a tough year for kyle busch. all the way back to phoenix where he was leading the race. and the 22 brought out the caution.
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and ended up not ending well. >> talladega. with the lead. late if the race. martin truex jr with an aggressive move. finds his way around. >> one thing to lose one at talladega but to lose one on fuel mileage always hurt. that's what happened at 600 for austin dillon. worked fuel mileage like a clarm. went to victory lane. 18 had the best car that night. >> you might see the theme here. left rear tire that they didn't get completely on. and so, with that pit problem, he had been the best car at dover as well. -- >> go to poko -- >> that is when the wheel came off at dover. >> go to poko and lead the race. decide to stay out. pretty much the entire field comes behind him. beaten with better tires. >> can't forget last week.
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>> not one but two speeding penalties. both of them basically took the 18 out of the contention for win there as well. >> and we saw what just happened. here at indianapolis. once again, best car in the field. but he will have to race another day to try to get to victory lane. >> we have new players up front. it has been all the 18 and the 78 up until this point. those two no longer are in front of the field. now you have matt kenseth. who just found out he is not going to have a ride for 2018 or doesn't know exactly what ride he will have. looking for a win to secure a spot in playoffs. >> yeah. kevin harvick, ford hasn't won here since 1999. we need to pay attention that make sure no one else comes to pit row to top off.
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i see a few more peeling off, most of these cars make it on fuel from here towards the back half of of the lead left. as we say in those front six, new players, kenseth, harvick, think about blaney, the rookie. excuse me, smofr driver. feels like a rookie, even though this is his second season. he finally broke through and went to victory lane. he has been up front again today. just like kevin harvick carrying that blue oval. >> and outside of him, is denny hamlin. denny hamlin won last week. never won at brickyard 400. and erik jones. he has never won a cup race. needs a cup win this year most likely as far back as those points if they move their way into the playoffs. >> and brad keselowski. we have documented how roger penske has so many wins, he has on display the helmets of all of the winners when you walk into his race shop.
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16 indy 500 winners. but no brickyard 400 wines. brad keselowski, best of the penske duo currently running in the six spot. >> look that row, clint bowyer and jamie mcmurray, fwo ttwo gu hanging on with points. racing their way in by point. most likely, two guys side by side, they need finish this race out. >> like a whole new list. the 18 and 78, so dominant, we had to go through the front six cars because they have been the other half. the third through eighth place cars all day long. >> who is going to grab it? two best cars are gone. which one of these drivers? which one of these teams will grab the opportunity and lead for the brickyard trophy? >> top 15. all came to pit road on lap 102. and all took four tires. their back, 16 on. going to be a different story
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for them strategy wise. >> on this restart, let's listen in. josh williams with 21. >> you ready? you ready? >> race, race, race. >> outside. >> still tight. >> feel the 11. 77. >> outside, working. >> little run. >> that was spotter coverage present bid liberty mutual insurance. helping drivers worry less. kenseth able to hang on. harvick looked as if he would
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make the outside work but drops back to second. denny hamlin, even with the damage to the nose of the 11, he has made his way up into the top three. >> and remember last week, we thought he had a shot to win new hampshire. looked in good shape. did it. use a different strategy. did not work out for them. now kenseth leading this race with 40 to go. >> steve, i mentioned, lap 102 was the last time that these cars were on pit road. they have run 120 laps now. so that's 18 laps since pit road. when will we see cars come to pit road if they want to come early potentially or will they wait until they think they might be running out of fuel? >> i think that's where there is a designificant for crew chiefs near the trunt of the field. kenseth, harvick, hamlin, they will have the choice, do you run far into the run, do you have
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two tires or foush freour fresh tires and give them a chance to work on the track and warm them up. don't look now but kyle larson, all the way back in 15th, i think he can make it from here on fuel. this is a track we've seen fuel winners before. maybe today could be another one. >> you see everyone in top ten, as you just mentioned, lap 102 , they are on the same strategy. but question two, lots of questions. larson, sixth. trevor, am rolla, dillon. blocking trevor bayne because i knows that car is on the same strategy as he is. >> blocking 42 kyle larson as well. how hard do you push if you are kyle larson? how hard to you bush the guys in front of you to make sure they use as much a fuel as they can? >> all those guys have to pit
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regardless. your key, only thing you do right is now stay in front of trevor bayne. that's the only thing you have to do, stay in front of trover bayne and save fuel. don't run any faster than you have to. only way it save fuel is to go slower. you have to try not to keep pace with everybody else. save fuel. stay in front of trevor bayne. >> the way the strategy works is if there is not a caution. >> an caution. even lucky. even 45 laps is a long way. >> a long fuel run here at 2 1/2 mile rectangle. >> get a few updalttes. we start with dave. >> now out front, as crew chief told me this morning, toughest part it about this race is that the guy who has the inside line just takes it and stays there. guess what? that was a teammate and 78 earlier. now it was matt kenseth. he took it from the 4 of kevin harvick. as for harvick. and his crew chief rodney
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childress. rodney says we may not be the fastest but if we're in the right position at the right time we can win the race if we avoid mistakes as well. they run second. >> running for denny hamlin and racing now to win the brickyard 400 after damage early. there is a little bit of tape on the front nose. it held together. it's been fine. we will see if they pit when other people pit. remember in new hampshire, michael jordan, coolest text he got he told us on nascar america. blaney putting the wood brothers into the playoffs for the first time ever. talking a lot about fuel strategy. they said their window opens in one more lap. don't be surprised it that 21 comes pit road too soon, kelly? >> erik jones hanging on to top five position. the weekend has gone better than he expected especially considering erik is a rookie. but it helps he is a mentor in kyle busch. he talked to kyle friday before they got started.
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he is looking at data traces. tells him to hold on to a good position here at indy today. clint bowyer came in in and would have the last spot based on points. his crew chief told me that's the worst position because we don't want to take a big risk and end up throwing away point but on the other hand if you take a risk you could end up with a win and guaranteed spot. it is a pua tough spot. they are in a the position to do that today. and mcmurray in a similar position. trying to hang on to a spot to get into playoffs. his crew chief told me he expects there to be 14 to 16 different winners this season so they've got to be one of them. >> discussion about the group about whether or not to pit if brad really wanted to pit. his crew chief told him repeatedly, if i wanted you to pit i would have called you in. hope their strategy works.
7:18 pm
>> 41 kurt busch, their car ran well. right now feeling it is a little on the loose side through the corners. >> logano in tenth. fantastic day on pit road until the last stop. a lug nut stuck in the right front in arrogance. they today get that fixed. all the way back to 19th. rallying back for track position. they made a good step and turned direction on speed this weekend but we have playoffs if they make it. rick? >> that's the big question, if they make the playoffs. right now, as far as points go, they are outside the top 16. it may be a must-win situation for joey logano. over the last few races before the playoffs get ready to start. kenseth and harvick, running one and two. .4 separating those two. up front. they have separated themselves
7:19 pm
by over a second and half from third place denny hamlin. >> now these two drivers know that both of them have to come to pit road one more time, rick. obviously kevin harvick wants to pass matt kenseth without a doubt the goal that his second goal needs to be we can't pass them just to stay close enough. perhaps come to pit road one lap early. get fresh tires. so cat and mouse games started here at indianapolis motor speedway. >> how important it will be to have a great pit stop. nascar nonstop. at coors, cold counts.
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>> back in indianapolis. blaney on pit road. the car is much better in traffic. actually, worse in traffic. putting the wedge back where wr it was. tape on the grill for air pressure adjustment. logano leaves with four fresh tires. that might bring everybody else town pit road. >> we talked about the cat and mouse game. let's move from cat and mouse to full blown close. leaders kenseth and harvick are running at full speed thinking they need yellow. 21 of ryan blaney. set the gauntlet. no, i don't think we will get one. came it pit road and drug other cars with him. kelly? >> see, that's 14 thereof clint bowyer who said his car was getting way too loose and told him to pit immediately.
7:23 pm
four new tires. >> said he wanted a fresh water bottle, that's about it. four fresh good year tires. air pressure adjustment. tight yep up. quick stop by 11. >> second pit stop. that's what they need. >> cars pit early doing two things. tires early. kenseth off pit road. >> matt kenseth on to pit road as well as kevin harvick. >> matt kenseth very careful to tell his crew chief specifically what his car was doing over the run. first see harvick stop here. biggest thing he wanted was a clae cle clean windshield. peeling a piece off the windshield and there it goes. change for his race car. right side of tires. left side going on and fulfill of sonoco fuel. and staying ahead and yes, they will.
7:24 pm
>> similar pit stops for 20 and 4. have enough fuel to get to the end. fresh tires. how big of an effect will that be? >> huge effect. while we saw 4 kevin harvick on pit road. you see, you have to get into the corners is one and two. you can swing as wide as you want. kenseth doing a nice job there. blending in front of hamlin. he keeps that track position. new tire did not help the 11 enough. kelly? >> there's the 1 car, jamie mcmurray. race cars too loose at times too tight. you see a four-tire stop for jamie mcmurray and sonoco fuel. erik jones in the pits. issues getting a clean entrance into pit lane. working on it with him four tires. for the 77 marty. >> newman coming down pit road. just creep need top 10 towards the end of the run. dealing with tight position much of the day. one thing he need is clean
7:25 pm
windshield. tear that off. four fresh tires pour 391 team. in the playoffes with a win earlier this year in phoenix. >>. >> newman coming off pit road. for those that didn't come after last caution. >> i had 42 as car gambling. >> i was wrong. 42 came to pit road. must have thought 45 was outside window that could not do it. so keselowski still leader. jimmie johnson in second. kasey kahne in third. all making pit tops. came at 102. sixth of trevor bayne, came in at 17,'s and trevor bayne at 20th, who take the gamble? who takes the risk? right now looks like trevor bayne might set himself up for that choice. >> right now about a 30-second lead over matt kenseth.
7:26 pm
but with new tires, new tires mean a great deal. trevor bayne just ran a 51.70. kenseth, 49.67. much faster. remember, if trevor bayne has to save fuel he has to go slower. he cannot go full speed. >> at some point in time it will level off. that's two seconds difference, fresh tires. it'll level off but still, 25 llp laps to go. can they catch him? >> i think they will on on his rear bumper. i think it will be hard for bayne to save fuel? right now, where is brad keselowski on the track? jimmie johnson? they have to stop. jimmie johnson can squeeze three wide by ryan newman who will try to unlap himself. newman came into pit road and lost a lap. these cars are staying on the racetrack because they can't win any other way. they are hoping we run 15 lap answers caution comes out. they feel the cars like newman have pitted.
7:27 pm
they will need fresh tires as well. they are the leader. they should come on and off pit road. multiple strategies. ryan newman continues to push brad keselowski. >> how about the possibility of treavor bayne winning the brickyard 400. trevor bayne won the biggest race in stock car racing. won daytona 500 with the wood brothers. now the possibility is he could win the brickyard 400. >> came on the pit road for fuel and small air pressure adjustment. fighting loose and tight but a solid run for the 3 car, guys. >> austin dillon in the 3 coming off of pit road. race leader. brad keselowski stays out on the track. we know that keselowski, jimmie johnson, and kasey kahne will have to come to pit road.
7:28 pm
no way they can stretch it. 58 laps on fuel. so strategy games begin. >> right. these three cars, keselowski, they all have to come to pit road. bayne, you mentioned it. one win on the resume, oh, yeah be daytona 500. biggest race of the year. could he win the second biggest? marquee event. his crew chief is looking outside the box. what chance does he have? >> they've done what they can do fuel wise for trevor. one thing they didn't do is repair that race car. he was the second car involved when junior crashed out of the race. junior crashed into the back end of him. they pulled that fender out, almost creating a wicker p hey, it might handle better than before. >> maybe that the goal. maybe handle better. 22 seconds in 22 laps. what does 22 second look like at indianapolis motor speedway?
7:29 pm
there's trevor bayne. exiting. turn two. racing kenseth. keep looking up. 22 seconds is a long ways back until we see who we feel has the best chance of catching trevor bayne which is matt kenseth. >> yes. bayne ran 52.29 and kenseth ran 50.42. almost two seconds a lap faster than kenseth. >> there's kwenseth just coming off of two. >> when kenseth pits, john son pits and bayne pits, then no more cautions. he has to go through all those guys that pit on lap 118. so that's twoing to slow matt kenseth's progress up a little bit. >> again, keselowski, johnson and kahne. top three.
7:30 pm
kurt busch running in 22nd position. trevor bayne. trying to get his second monster energy cup series win. most famous racetrack in the entire world, indianapolis motor speedway. >> want to go back to lap 111 race start with kurt busch. let's listen in on spotter communications. >> he add vehad a very interest perspective on this restart. >> look at him. he's there. middle, middle.
7:31 pm
>> go low. go low. go low, go low, go low. >> that was spotter coverage presented by spotter coverage helping drivers worry less. look at the reaction out of kurt. >> i don't blame him. you enter that corner three wide in the middle. still found a way to miss that wreck impressive driving and impressive spotting. >> keselowski, johnson and kahne still out on the track. and it has been 39 laps since they were on pit row. getting close to running out of fuel as we go nascar nonstop. ♪ uh-uh, you're not going anywhere in those rags. ♪
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♪ ♪ >> brantley gilbert. before the green flag dropped. and that was before. now, you're watching monster energy cup series from indianapolis. presented by golden corral. brad keselowski is out front but will run out of fuel in the next few laps if they don't come to pit road. they are strtrying to stretch is long as they can. only possibility is in they have a caution flag. bayne thinks he has enough fuel. he thinks if he has enough fuel he can get to victory lane once again for his second win in monster energy cup series. >> a couple things they are telling him, stay in the 50% rate. can you help me out with that what what that typically means for a driver. crew chief told him i need you to run in the 51s. he has it stay ahead of matt
7:36 pm
kenseth, who has been one of the fastest cars all day. >> two races in trover bayne's mind. first race is fuel, 43 laps is a long way. we saw cars go longer earlier but they had yellow. this is over 20 seconds. now with 14 to go, down to 11 seconds. matt kenseth. a champion at the cup level. looking for a ride for next year. trying to get back to victory lane in an iconic race that he has never won. think of his resume does not have the brickyard 4 h 00 on it. >> let's listen in to the 20 radio. >> top three, huge stretch for those guys to make it. [ inaudible ] 6 car running fourth. >> there you have it. they have their eyes on trevor bayne already. >> we agree. that's a hundred percent correct. just no way they can go from lap 102 to make it to the end. i don't think anybody believes they can. trevor bayne on lap 117. . and 3 on lap 102.
7:37 pm
treavor bayne, you heard that 50% mark. all of the teams have fuel-saving modes. they tell the driver, here is how you have to save fuel. 50% fuel, 75% mode. a hundred percent mode. they told him 50%. what we don't know is they are giving him intervals. he knows how far he is from matt kenseth. how much speed does he have left? he may be trying to save fuel this entire time. running slower than he has to have to make sure he can make it. but if matt kenseth is close enough, they may turn him loose. he may turn himself loose. the team never knows a hundred percent what the driver is doing. the driver sometimes plays his own game with the information given to him. i have a feeling he could go faster than he is right now. >> we are talking about trevor bayne. there are cars inside top 15 playing this same strategy. li like aric ram rolla.
7:38 pm
ty dillon. danica patrick in 12th. there are a lot of cars you can say, passing michael mcdowell on the track. there are players that would he have been hard pressed to say contended for top five with this fuel strategy we will be able to. >> he has been going through cars. having to ask people, the last three laps, 11 seconds back and still 11 second back. we see kasey kahne on pit road now. kelly? >> yeah. trying to turn their season around after a string of finishes outside top 15. trying to stretch it today on fuel mileage but obviously -- oh, caution. >> caution on the racetrack. 14 of clint bowyer involved. >> also 41 of kurt busch. hard damage to the front of that car. >> got one coming outside. >> up against the wall. and difficult tore him to climb
7:39 pm
out if he can't get that car away from the wall. >> i don't see no fire or nothing. just get on out. >> so the caution comes out. keselowski and johnson were waiting for this. they were trying to stay on the racetrack for this very opportunity. >> you see kurt busch climbing out. >> kerik jones also climbing out. he claims out of the 77. >> keselowski and johnson didn't think they were in the position to win the race. they tried something different. staying on as long as they could to get fresh tires. jamie mcmurray, 1, damage to the front, a flat tire. a lot of moving parts. >> let's take a look at just what happened. >> see clint bowyer. gets loose there. jones underneath him. look at that.
7:40 pm
around the 14th position. across the racetrack right in front. >> 41 of kurt busch. >> big impact. >> car in front of clint that got loose. >> yes. >> and saved it. that's what drew my attention away from clint bowyer. if you look behind that car, that's where the 14 loses control. >> i believe paul menard got loose. >> wow. >> kurt busch would have avoided this. but kurt busch came up, right along with kurt busch on the helmet cam. >>. >> >> seen that too many times, rick.
7:41 pm
sfrs that's as real as it gets. >> big impact. shoots bowyer back across the racetrack. fortunately missed the end of that pit wall. another hard impact but the end of that pit wall would have been another awkward impact as we see the red flag displayed. >> a lot of clean-up will have to take place here. >> amazing. >> so violent. >> cars going that fast how they rebound back into the racetrack. >> see kurt come out of that car. hard impact. >>. >> this shot here, rick. >> coming up, coming up. >> i hear him lift and get back in the game.
7:42 pm
he doesn't want to drive into the accident. as a driver you get back into the gas because you are trying to get by the spinning car. >> many times and miss a wreck. if you slow down you get in the wreck. so you have to make a calculated guess and he thought his best opportunity was to keep his speed up. remember, he saw clint bowyer going left. he had no way of knowing clint bowyer would rebound and come back across the track. he was trying to get by as quickly as he could. once clint rebounded, it was just nothing he could do. no way that he could anticipate clint coming back across the racetrack like that. and that's how quick it happened. that shot there, when i try to explain to people what driving a race car is like, that's it. what would they have done different? people want to second-guess drivers in a wreck, you get in that seat and drive. it is hard to do.
7:43 pm
>> that view is what we talk about all the time. when a wreck is happening in front of us, we don't watch the car wrecking. we are trying to find the hole. you see his eyes there. he is looking to the hole he saw mcmurray get to. it close toed pup that what you did. you know you look for that opportunity to get away from the wreck and that's why he was getting into the throttle trying to shoot the gap. >> you make decision in a split second. in less than a second. you have to commit. you have to make that decision to go do it. and if you hesitate, more times than not, you get in the wreck. >> a lot of clean-up taking place on the exit of turn four on the front stretch. so red flag has been display ped. they will stop the cars. with ten laps to go. >> we talked about this. we see the car, bright yellow 27. look at the slide he makes off turn four. i don't know if it is coincidence, but a huge
7:44 pm
correction right here. i don't know if that does something to the 14. 14 looks like he was in a slide himself. so i'm not sure if they had anything to do with one another but definitely coincidentally they were at the same time. >> we do know that the more cars that are around each other the worse they drive. you have less down draft so four cars and just one little group right there, none of those cars are driving very good. >> such damage to the 14 of clint bowyer's car. >> getting back to the race, that's got to be, after riding along, with kurt busch, i feel like i was driving that race car. but getting back to this race, remember we saw kasey kahne hit pit road. and that -- then the caution came out immediately. he stayed in the lead lap. everybody in front of him believes tires are more important than track position,
7:45 pm
kasey kahne could come out and be in the best position to win this race. he pitted on lap -- 149? >> yeah. >> matt kenseth on 132. there's a lot of people between matt kenseth and kasey kahne. but if enough of those people pit, kasey kahne could be in the cat burn seat. >> we know they are coming to pit road. they need fuel and tires. a mixed bag behind them of laps on tires. trevor bayne is close on fuel and tires. kenseth has newer tires but lan still 18 laps. he was running fast laps. trying to rundown the 6 of trevor bayne. i think -- i would be surprised if anyone behind kasey kahne -- i think everyone will be forced to pit. and some will gamble on two tires will will make kasey kahne's case better. that the others starting in front will be older left side
7:46 pm
tires. >> many people's situation and where they are in points and making playoffs will determine whether they pit or not. >> some guys have nothing to lose by staying out. and some guys have nothing to lose by pitting. end goal is to get into the playoffs. best way to do that is win this race. these strategies are best chance to win the race and make playoffs. >> team owner for 14 team, for clint bowyer. want to listen into the radio communication from the 48 team of jimmie johnson. we mentioned that he and brad keselowski were going to have to run out of gas or have a caution happen. well, it did happen. here is the communications. >> save, save, save, save fuel. save all the actufuel you can. we are at a critical stage here. critical. >> that's not critical for the race, that's critical to get back it pit road.
7:47 pm
being very mantd, th adamant. jimmie johnson knows what critical means. that's a whole other level of fuel savings. it is great to have this track position and they've got yellow indeed. but if 48 doesn't refire and make it to pit road then they lose that track position. >> now sitting on the back straight away. what they are hoping for is that when they open, when they open caution, it goes immediately to pit road. if they have to go another lap, that's another lap on caution 48 has to go, as well as keselowski. >> check in with clint bowyer. kelly is with him. >> he has been released. he is okay. thank goodness. that was nasty hit. we saw 14 get crowded. is that what triggered events? >> yeah. it was crowded. they got together and parts in front of us and he had to make an evasive move. i knew the 77 add run on me
7:48 pm
there and all hell broke loose. then somebody hit me again. i don't know when. i thought they did. felt like they did. pretty much sucks. >> yeah and big picture wise, i know this is not what you want when you're trying to hold on to the final playoff spot. >> yeah. no, it was -- definitely not needed for sure. but we'll regroup. this is a stroong team. proud of the 14 bunch. proud of their effort. we were off in practice and qualifying, found a way to make it better for the race. i think we're going to have single digit fin ib for sure. but this wasn't our day. >> thanks, clint. >> thanks for mobile and rush and everybody coming on board for andy. >> a normal upbeatener jettic enthusiastic clint bowyer obviously dejected of that wreck. >> kelly brought it up. the playoff situation. matt kenseth was above the 14. now currently run on the racetrack. so you know with you saw 24,
7:49 pm
chase elliott, engine fail tour early. he hasn't been in conversation. everyone thought he was good in points. unique races left webetween now and the end of the season. this is starting it tighten it all up. >> all right, steve, jeff, i will tell you, keselowski and johnson will come to pit road. bho who el who else comes to pit road? >> everyone. i think everyone will be passed immediately. starting in mid 49-second range and slow down to 52-second range. we saw last week in new hampshire, 88 trying to make something happen. staying out on old tires. a hail mary is what dale junior called it. they split him wide in the first corner. while indianapolis is very narrow. it is very momentum and wide where it matters most in the back straight away. on old tires you go through one
7:50 pm
and two, nowhere to protect it. >> if you could get six to eight other cars to stay out with you and you are that lead guy, great. but no one will do that for you. if you have old tires on and you're in sixth spot and you put tires on 117, they will gobble you up quickly. >> also involved, erik jones, out of the care center and standing by with kelly. >> erik, we saw you racing hard with the 14. how did you see this wreck unfold? >> got under the 14 off the 4. there was two lap cars in front of us. 14 turned left. wrecked me and him. wrecked, looked like the 41 got in it somehow. just unfortunate. i don't know. a lot of stuff like that happen us to this year. i think with the pit stop and the way it worked out we would get our top ten finish. unfortunate to see it work out like that.
7:51 pm
but got better all day. top five car it seemed like at the end of the race. just didn't get to see it all play out. >> you did run up for most of it. your first time in that car today, what are are lessons learned? >> story of our season. we have run well, run up front, just hasn't closed our races out. whether it is our own fault, bad luck, circumstance. so we can take a lot away from it. i can. the strategy and experience that plays out. indy is tough. especially in cup car. i learned a lot for coming back next year. >> thank you, erik. >> erik jones behind the wheel of 20 in 2018. and matt kenseth, just documented he was in a great position to catch trevor bayne and maybe win the brickyard 400. all of that is thrown out the window now. because there will be plenty of different scenarios that will play out here as soon as the track goes back to yellow or
7:52 pm
caution. and they are able to come to pit road. who will make that decision to come to pit road? >> we talk about the scenarios. remember last week, matt kenseth sitting there leading the race. deciding to put two tires on it. everybody else put four tires own and it just did not work out. how does that influence their decision today? is that effect how they make the call today? to me it always, you see, when you make that call and it doesn't work out, itlingers. you're afraid to gamble again. but if i'm matt kenseth and his team and i do pit, i'm only doing two. they pitted at lap 132. i think in this situation they could do two tires. >> i reached out to jason ratcliffe and gave him a pat on the back. it is easy to second-guess. i thought he was very hard on himself in the media after. he did take responsibility. i thought it was a in-win situation. i wanted to give him a pat on the back and say, keep your head
7:53 pm
up. you ahad a good race car. now a week later, the same decision again. >> we have been talking about trevor bayne and matt kenseth as if brad keselowski was out of it. but we knew if a caution came out, keselowski could be in a good position. we wanted to talk to brad. now we have the opportunity to dial up the two, brad keselowski, and see if this plays into their hands. >> hey, brad. jeff burton. you got time it talk? >> what's up? >> i was going to ask you the same thing. you are leading the rates, sure you have to pit for fuel, you going to drag everybody else with you? >> yeah, we will have to pit. but i think everybody has at least 10 or 20 laps on their tires. if they don't pit they will be in trouble. in they do pit, hopefully we can stay out in front of them. >> well, steve letarte and i agree. you didn't think you add fast
7:54 pm
car before the race started. how have you found yourself in this position? >> yeah, maybe not the best cheerleader today. but my team stuck with me the cho whole race. great strategy calls. even when i tried to shoot myself in the foot, they saved me from myself. we are in the position to have a great day and have penske's first win at brickyard. a long ways to go. we have to get through pit and restart and a long ways to go. but we will fight through. >> it's been fun to watch you fight and overcome this adversity. >> thank you. glad you tuned in despite the delays. glad to have you. >> he mentioned it. team penske, they have been incredible at indianapolis motor speedway with the one exception of the monster energy cup series. 16 wins in the indy 500.
7:55 pm
three indy car grand prix races they have won. xfinity series. first year xfinity series raced here. brad keselowski got the win. joey logano and brad keselowski have not been able to get to victory lane to get that brickyard 400 win for roger went penske. >> think about that. four times in second place. >> will that all change today? as track clean-up continues. red flag condition. jones, bowyer, involved in the crash as well as kurt busch. we talked a lot about trevor bayne and the possibility of him winning another big marquee event. dave? >> they gave it a try. this is radio communication to trevor right after caution. >> stay down there, man. still in it. but sorry it didn't work out.
7:56 pm
great, great -- >> talk to matt real quick. i said, would you stay out here? he said, no, i don't think so. i think we would get run over. >> i think he's right. i agree with trevor bayne. i think you heard him, genuinely thanking his team. matt right there, on top of the pit box, delivered an opportunity for trover bayne that he didn't have 50 or 60 laps ago. he looked at how cautions fell. he gave the 6 car a chance. heavy on green. had to hold off 20. had to save enough fuel. still challenges ahead of him. but legitimate shot. we're not out of it. >> i think you're right, jeff. kasey kahne is a no-brainer. he will stay on the racetrack. he was on pit road when the caution came out. but everyone else on old tires i think you have to pit. with trover bayne in third, he should restart in front two or three rows and restarts have been anything but smooth today. >> this is going to come down to pit road and who does the best
7:57 pm
of getting their team off of pit road first. we can talk with jimmie. >> hey, jimmie, nbc booth. you got us? >> yeah. >> you fought all day long, lost track tossingposition a couple . now you have the chance here. are y you have to pit. are are you going to drag the field you? >> well i know the 6 is. but the 5 might be sitting in a nice situation. i think tires are important. certainly on the inside row is awfully important. we're coming, as you pointed out, either way. chevy has been strong all day. had bad luck with restarts being stuck on the outside. but i would love to get out there and kiss those bricks this afternoon. >> we have seen restarts be so difficult. why is it so hard at indianapolis to restart properly compared to other racetracks? >> nonno one really runs in the second lane.
7:58 pm
only the first lap or two. there is no rubber there. you can feel it trying to warm your tires. just much less grip in the second lane. bottom lane is real good and sticky. and car stays up under it and can you stay in the throttle. we will give it our best here and see what happens. >> skbrjimmie, thanks for lettis ride along. if you won this, it would be your fifth time. that would be an historic event. >> 10-4, buddy. we will try for sure. >> who will win the 2017 brickyard 400? ten laps remain. we will be back. >> that was amazing. great. michael: i've always been a ford guy. potsch: then i have a real treat for you today. michael: awesome. potsch: i'm going to show you a next generation pickup. michael: let's do this. potsch: this new truck now has a cornerstep built right into the bumper. gary: super cool. potsch: the bed is made of high-strength steel, which is less susceptible to punctures than aluminum. jim: aluminum is great for a lot of things, but maybe not the bed of a truck. potsch: and best of all, this new truck is actually- gary: (all laughing) oh my... potsch: the current chevy silverado. gary: i'm speechless.
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is what you're made to do. ♪ who will be the one to head to victory lane in indianapolis. that's the big question mark. >> so steve, when you see them, and it a he important, what do you tell your team now? they have this


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